Artist Story

I grew up in both southern California and southern Maine, and I'm now based in Minneapolis, MN. I was blessed with creative roots, raised by a mother who wore paint clothes more often than not and a father who always had a story in his pocket. I channel my mother in my work both through my learned strokes and through the imagery itself - as all of my paintings of boats, barns, etc are based off of her photography.  

I have been teaching in the arts (dance, visual & theater) since 2007, working in summer camps, nonprofits, prisons, and public schools. I believe that the arts can be a vehicle for self and social reflection, critique, and change. 







I see my own art-making as a way to ground myself and process the world around me, as well as to deepen my relationships with others - both with those who inspire my work and those who ask me to create pieces for them. I hope for viewers to infuse the pieces I share with their own stories.

I have shows of my art from time to time and also work on individual commission for painting, collage and graphic design.

Please contact me at if you are interested in commissioning a piece or collaborating in some way.

With love and gratitude,